SUMS Remix

As a leader you like to read. But with the pace of life, it's hard to cover all of the bases when great new content is always coming at the speed of light. Now you can get the best book summary tool every created. And its just for church leaders!

Beginning in 2012, Auxano launched SUMS: Book Summaries for Church Leaders. For 2 years, in 52 issues, we distilled the best content just for church leaders like you, and provided you with immediate and practical action steps.

In the fall of 2014, we took the SUMS tool to a whole new level. We launched SUMS Remix - every other week we provide, not ONE, but THREE book excerpts all focused around solving a practical church leadership problem. 

For example, a recent SUMS Remix focused on the problem, “I do not see myself as a visionary communicator and instead prioritize the maintenance of week-to-week ministry.” To solve this problem we looked at Patrick Lencioni’s The Advantage, Todd Henry’s Louder Than Words, and Auxano Founder Will Mancini's newest book, God Dreams. Download this SUMS Remix to review it!

Since its launch, we have released 145 SUMS Remix issues, covering 433 book excerpts accompanied by specific Go Ahead actions designed for church leaders like you to put into immediate action. Future issues are being researched, written, and designed right now for you!

You can subscribe to SUMS Remix for only $48 per year. 

That’s 26 issues of SUMS Remix – addressing the ministry problems you encounter at your church – delivered to your inbox every two weeks.

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SUMS Remix delivers:

  • Content that solves the challenges you face every day
  • More information in less time to find the best solutions
  • More credibility as well-read leader

What are you waiting for?

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