Auxano Founder and Team Leader Will Mancini's book God Dreams brings new tools to the public space beyond Auxano's consulting team’s work. The most important one is the Horizon Storyline: a simple, yet powerful tool for visionary planning that works with the Vision Frame from Will's first book, Church Unique.

The tool is designed to provide three major benefits:

  • Increase the personal meaning for your daily work
  • Help you inspire others 
  • Focus more resources on the few, best things your ministry can accomplish. 

To help leaders access the Horizon Storyline master tool and the supporting tools in the book (including the 12 Vision Templates), the Auxano design team has created a beautiful, 52-page “Visual Summary” of the book. 

You can download it now by providing your email address below.


May it introduce or reinforce your engagement with these visionary planning tools for you and your team.